Appraisal exercise 2024: R&D’s expert colleagues at your disposal to offer you TAILOR-MADE assistance

Dear colleagues,

The appraisal exercise has just started with the self-assessment phase and the dialogues with the evaluators will follow very quickly. The appraisal exercise is key moment for your career and therefore needs to be done with the utmost care. This is why R&D is always at your side not only to inform you but also to offer you TAILOR MADE ASSISTANCE.

In order to make the entire process simpler and more meaningful, please bear in mind several important points:

Carrying-over the full report of the previous year  is only possible at your request, at the time of yourself-assessment in Sysper, if you meet a set of conditions. If the carry-over is accepted by your reporting officer, the text of your appraisal report of the previous year will be applicable in full for the current exercise. The dialogue with your reporting officer will take place in any event.

However, we do not advise you to carrying-over your report, as this could put you at a disadvantage in a comparison of merits in the event of an appeal if you are not proposed for promotion.

When you write the different headings, try to be as concise and to the point as possible.

  • Section for Ability, Efficiency and Conduct (AEC), by giving a greater focus on managerial competencies and work performed in the interest of the institution outside the jobholder’s unit
  • A greater focus on managerial competencies and work performed in the interest of the institution outside the jobholder’s unit, under the AEC section
  • Pay attention of the introduction of a maximum number of text characters accepted by the system

The report also includes a section about your future development.

This section will not be considered for the comparison of merits in the context of promotion.

As soon as you receive the Sysper notification informing you that your 2024 evaluation has been launched, you must complete your self-assessment within 8 working days. Please note that justified absences (mission, leave, illness) are not counted in these 8 days and therefore extend the deadline.

In order to help you in this exercise, R&D provides you with its advice, expertise and knowledge during the drafting stage of your self-assessment but also during the dialogue with your assessor, which is the next stage.

Please find the enclosed files for further comprehension :



We are aware that we cannot limit ourselves to offering you information, standard texts or general advice. As each case is different, it is not possible to address your concerns and answer your questions at a conference.

This is why R&D is always at your side to offer you TAILOR MADE ASSISTANCE.

A helpdesk is at your disposal where you will find all the help you need (email: OSP-RD@EC.EUROPA.EU

 tel: 55676) and we will put you in touch with our R&D specialist colleagues to assist you.