We have continued to denounce the dysfunctions of the exercise, in particular the erratic distribution of quota by DG who deprives the exercise of all credibility reducing it to a real lottery.

At the same time, we defended the rights and expectations of colleagues at every stage of the procedure – in particular the meetings with the DGs and the meetings of the promotion committees – and at each stage of the litigation aimed at challenging the decisions adopted by the Appointing Authority.

R&D requests

  • the introduction of a fair evaluation and promotion procedure, based on the best experiences of the other institutions, in particular that of the European Parliament;
  • the valuing of the qualities and skills of each one with effective and credible appeal procedures to correct errors and abuses;
  • the strict adherence to promotion rates according to Annex IB and to average permanence in all grades
  • the taking into account of the works in the interest of the service and the Institution;
  • the establishment of a credible 360​° and 90° evaluation procedure for the members of the management, the results of which would be taken into account.