European Civil Service

R&D defends the dignity of the staff, the image of our institution,the basic principles of the European civil service the essential services of our institution

The image of the European Union has never been, since its creation, as tarnished as in the recent months, paving the way for the rise of populists. Following the deterioration of the conditions of employment imposed by the successive reforms, it turns out that working for the EU is not as attractive as it used to be in the past.

As a result, R&D has always asked for the Commission:

  • to be exemplary in its decisions and in the behaviour of its members
  • to recognize the indisputable limits of its current strategy and to put in place an effective external communication that also addresses directly European citizens in order to demonstrate the usefulness of the work of its staff
  • to defend its staff
  • to act quickly in case of a crisis.

In particular, in every case where fierce criticism was raised against the Commission, many of you asked us to defend the common values of ethics and integrity and to take an open stance in defending the image of our institution and the European civil service.

We were the first union to openly denounce parachuting and the scandal provoked by the Barroso and Kroes affairs