Talent Management

There is a major absence: a real staff policy, including a real detection of talents; a real valorisation of the know-how, as well as a real career planning.

All studies show that a modern and attractive employer is measured by the commitment of its staff. However, it should be noted that between 2013 and 2016 the staff commitment index fell by 6.5 points from 70.8% to 64.3%.

The main causes of this disengagement

  • thoughtless and unjustified reorganizations imposed without any dialogue with colleagues;
  • lack of recognition of the work and the efforts made;
  • multi-level career blocking;
  • negligence of staff welfare;
  • politicization of appointments and passage through a cabinet being a sine qua non for access to management positions;
  • quality of management too often focused solely on sterile management of power;
  • mobility policy almost non-existent and without any real transparency;
  • forced mobility imposed on middle management while senior management is exempt;
  • insufficient training policy;
  • lack of consultation of staff after decision-making.

Its consequences

  • Psychosocial risks
  • Financial cost
  • Decrease of productivity and motivation

R&D requests

  • to start a round of negotiations to tackle all the difficulties and finally make the Commission an attractive and modern employer
  • abandonment of the policy of empty slogans which are never followed by effect and establishment of a real staff policy valuing skills, recognizing the merits and promoting career prospects
  • introduction of a staff policy that includes a “Talent Management” commensurate with the diversity of the staff and which could be a European example
  • a “Health & Environment” policy guaranteeing quality care, effective prevention and clean air in the premises
  • a fit@work programme, a genuine moral commitment of the Commission towards the well-being of its staff including a humane social policy which respects the basic set of social rights in Europe
  • a modern workspace adapted to the specific requirements of each profession

For R&D, dedication to the unity of staff will never be an excuse to deny the specific needs of different groups, such as those deriving from the prejudices suffered by post 2004 colleagues victims of the disastrous 2004 reform, the difficulties faced by colleagues AD, AST, AST-SC, CA, the 55+, the staff in the Commission’s delegations, etc.

Nevertheless, while taking into account these needs, there will never be question for R&D to set colleagues against each other, solidarity being always at the heart of our actions.

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