Specific needs require tailored solutions

Our mandate is a clear commitment to staff unity and a strong opposition to any corporatist approach aimed at dividing staff and, even worse, at placing groups of colleagues in competition. We need to respond properly to the specific difficulties and needs faced by different categories of colleagues.

Denying the existence of these specific problems and failing to respond in an appropriate manner will strengthen the position of those who wish to divide staff.

Career Management

The Commission should always offer genuine annual internal mobility exercises on a voluntary basis

should also enable future career development and not only be linked to current tasks

Performance management
Anticipated talent identification: this should not become an (internal) golden way to promote buddies. Clear criteria should be defined and communicated as well as the setup of a joint committee.
Poor and unsatisfactory performance: the new HR strategy only mentions assistance for the manager but not a single word to help the colleague!

End of career
The Commission has no end-of-career management policy. It is therefore urgent to set it up. We must end the waste of the added value (our institutional memory) of our colleagues aged “50 and over”, who are too often humiliated by a management that is unable to value the assets of our staff as a whole.
The recognition of years spent in the service of the institution must be rewarded in a more personalised way.
The possibility of becoming an “Active Senior” should be extended, valued and encouraged..