Agenda for promotions 2020

Date Etape Commentaires
10 May to 10 June Staff representatives meet with all Directors General to discuss their upcoming promotion proposals Every DG discusses their original proposals with a delegation from the Central Staff Committee in a serie of confidential meeting which in turn proposed changes where applicable to:a) correct possible errors b) improve the promotion list proposals, if DG agrees. These meetings also served for the staff representatives to collect information for our work in the Promotion Committees AD and AST.
18 June Propositions of promotions are communicated to the staff in SysPer2 Propositions for promotion are available in Sysper2.
Appeals against non promotion (5 working days) Introduction of an appeal in SysPer2 within 5 working days. Justified absences extends the deadline (by 26 June except, for Luxemburg, 27 June due to national holiday) Appeals are possible only against non-promotion of colleagues who are eligible for promotion (2 years since their last promotion), and have to be substantiated. R&D elaborated a set of templates for the typical reasons for insatisfaction that might justify an appeal.
September Joint Preparatory Groups of the two Promotion Committees AD and AST prepare the files for the Promotion Committee plenary sessions. The working groups AD and AST will examine, grade by grade, appeals filed by colleagues and issue on final propositions for promotion to the Appointing Authority.
mid October Joint Promotion Committees AD, AST and AST/SC meet in plenary sessions to discuss the proposals of the Preparatory Groups. The Joint Promotion Committees will examine the recommendations of the Preparatory Groups. The Joint Promotion Committees have a quota of 5% of all promotions at their disposal for that task. R&D experts will defend staff interests and appeals in these instances.
beginning of November Decision and publication of final promotion list The final list of staff promoted in each grade is published in an administrative notice by the Director General for Human Resources, on the basis of the proposals elaborated by the Joint Promotion Committees.
December Payment of promotions The promotions become effective retroactively, for most colleagues concerned as of 1st January 2020 (there are exceptions). Another promotion list of ‘late cases’ is usually published in the middle of the following year – 2020 in this case – for example where colleagues still have time until the end of the year to prove their 3rd language requirement.

R&D staff representatives will, at every step, defend the principles of equitable and fair promotions.