Progress made …

  • easier access to 95% part-time;
  • more flexibility in the organization of working time in the other formulas (50, 60, 62.5, 75 and 80 %). The chosen arrangement may be the “normal” formula on a weekly basis or the “special” formula in the form of time credits which is simplified in the new decision;
  • revision of the 2005 Commission Communication on the replacement of absent staff in order to not penalize services;
  • joint monitoring to detect difficulties, to correct abuses, etc.

R&D requests

  • to ensure rigorous application of the rules in force;
  • to monitor the workload of the person who uses part-time, which must be duly adapted;
  • a special follow-up by DG HR to avoid unequal treatment in the career progression of the beneficiary;
  • an equitable distribution of tasks so as not to overburden non-beneficiary colleagues;
  • the inclusion of this component in the next Staff Survey.