R&D alongside AST colleagues

Stop social dumping!

The Commission must be in the position to recognise the value and reward the contribution of ASTs according to the tasks they perform.

We are far from the mantra: the right person in the right place.

It is important to provide more access to certification. Many AST colleagues have been doing AD work for years without recognition and/or reward.

There is an urgent need to offer ASTs more career opportunities through transparent and fair procedures to be appointed as team leaders, project leaders and senior assistants.

Greater mobility must be ensured for ASTs, in particular by paying special attention to those at the end of their careers, and by offering more targeted training to facilitate their work and allow them to develop their careers.

Furthermore, AST colleagues are facing increasing difficulties due to

  • very limited publication of vacancies, often aimed at the prospective candidate, which leads to almost no mobility;
  • few career opportunities;
  • AST posts systematically replaced by AC or AST/SC colleagues C;
  • lack of recognition of AD tasks performed;
  • selection procedure for access to certification not very transparent and giving too much credit to the goodwill of the DG.

R&D calls for

  • the implementation of a genuine mobility policy for AST staff;
  • Consideration of all AD tasks in career development and in the promotion exercise;
  • the organisation of internal competitions allowing AST colleagues to access the AD category;
  • the review of the certification procedure to ensure that the selection of candidates is fairer and less at the whim of the DG, with credible appeal procedures to correct errors and abuses;
  • reform of the procedures for the appointment of senior team leaders, project managers and assistants.