The AST colleagues are the first victims of the restriction of posts imposed by the Member States.

Between 2015 and 2018, 1,264 permanent AST positions were eliminated as well as 409 temporary AST positions (ref.: HR Statistical Bulletins). These job cuts have inevitably led to work overload.

In addition, AST colleagues are facing increasing difficulties due to:

  • publication of a very limited number of vacancy notices, often intended for the most likely candidates, resulting in almost non-existent mobility;
  • limited career opportunities;
  • AST positions systematically replaced by CA or AST/SC colleagues;
  • lack of recognition of AD tasks performed;
  • non-transparent selection procedure for the access to certification giving too much weight to the goodwill of the DG.

R&D requests

  • the setting of a real mobility policy for AST staff;
  • the consideration of all AD tasks in the career development as well as in the promotion exercise;
  • similarly to the recent approach of the Committee of the Regions, the organization of internal competitions enabling AST colleagues to access the AD category;
  • the revision of the certification procedure ensuring a more equitable selection of candidates that does not depend on the sole discretion of the DG, with credible appeal procedures that can correct errors and abuses;
  • the reform of procedures allowing the appointment of senior assistants.