Evaluation & Promotion Help Desk 2020

You will find in the following links guidance and assistance through the various stages of the evaluation and promotion exercice:

R&D Helpdesk Team advises you at all stages of the evaluation and promotion exercice. Our help and services are free of charge and available to R&D members and non members.

In June you will have access in Sysper to your DG’s promotion proposals to the Promotion Committees, and have the possibility to file an appeal against non-promotion.

If you have a question do not hesitate to ask a competent member of our Help Desk team from the list below and to draw their particular attention to your appeal and case. This is very useful, and actually will help us better defend your case.

SEBASTIANI Cristiano – 02 29 65797 (weekend également)

PELLISTRANDI Blandine – 02 29 77742

CHAOUCH Dhikra – 02 29 94728

GLOWACZ-de CHEVILLY Maria – 02 29 90607

MARKOU Eleni – 02 29 88120

AQUILINO Claudio – 02 29 67462

R&D also set up a Help Desk  —    e-mail: REP PERS OSP R&D