JSIS – Joint Insurance and Sickness Scheme

R&D fought to preserve our Joint Insurance and Sickness Scheme despite the virulent attacks of the Council.

Faced with a somewhat alarming assessment of the operational results of the JSIS, R&D was able to prove during the negotiations on the 2014 reform the financial viability of JSIS as well as the absence of a structural deficit. R&D insisted that the reimbursement rules in place should be maintained in parallel with the sound management of JSIS, which would ensure the balance of the system.

In order to preserve your health, we have:

  • launched an online survey on the quality of services provided by the PMO in the field of JSIS;
  • circulated the results with recommendations to the competent services.

Thanks to these actions, we were able to obtain:

  • a financial balance: which gives a guarantee of the sustainability and longevity of the scheme;
  • a reduction in payout delays;
  • a greater contact efficiency: of PMO CONTACT;
  • the 100% coverage of medical care and the hospital package, with a fee waiver, in case of serious illness;
  • the Improvement of preventive medicine: with the return of the screening programme previously suspended.

R&D requests:

  • a close monitoring of dependence and disability;
  • for cases of serious illness:
    • a better supervision;
    • a support for colleagues on extended leave;
  • an adapted screening programme and a complete annual medical examination;
  • a medical service closer to the needs of the staff.