The actions of volunteers of all ages embody the fundamental values ​​of justice, solidarity, inclusion and citizenship on which the European Union is founded.

In addition, volunteering offers those who practice it significant opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, or even to improve their ability to enter the workforce.

R&D has always supported and encouraged colleagues to invest in voluntary actions and continues to work in this direction under the principle of solidarity that drives both European action and our union involvement.

To this end, in November 2011, on the occasion of the European Year of Voluntary Activities Promoting Active Citizenship, R&D’s elected representatives have fully committed themselves to the preparation of the General Assembly on Volunteering organized by the Central Staff Committee.

We were able to develop an action plan by requesting:

  • the recognition of all volunteering activities:
    • the valuation of the voluntary activity of the staff;
    • the validation of the experience gained;
    • the revision of the Commission’s decision;
  • the promotion:
    • of a clear strategy;
    • of a  website;
    • of the visibility of voluntary actions;
    • of the distribution of newsletter;
  • the time management:
    • special leave;
    • flexitime;
  • a volunteering away-day;
  • a Solidarity Day (9 May);
  • the provision of means.

Progress achieved:

  • organization of volunteering away-days;
  • adoption of guidelines on staff volunteering in October 2015;
  • establishment of a special leave;
  • encouraging the commitment of management and its staff;
  • organization of the Volunteer Week.

R&D requests:

  • further promotion of volunteering activities;
  • the recognition of skills acquired through volunteering in career development and mobility;
  • the involvement of the staff representation in the implementation of a volunteering policy.