Nurseries and kindergartens

R&D has always denounced the insufficient number of places in nurseries and kindergartens in Brussels and the unacceptable length of waiting lists.

For the start of the 2017-2018 school years, 2,200 children had to be accommodated. As the EU infrastructure can only accommodate 1,000 children, it has been necessary to ask for 1,000 more places in private schools.

At each school year, dozens of places are still missing to meet the needs of new parents.

This problem is also relevant in municipal nurseries which are also saturated, although the Commission has been able to obtain short-term places in local nurseries.

However, R&D can no longer accept that our children are in an uncertain situation at each new school year. In addition, this uncertainty weighs on the morale and therefore on the work of worried parents.

R&D requests to

  • abandon any plan of outsourcing of our nurseries;
  • open new nurseries and kindergartens in Brussels to satisfy parents’ demand and on the basis of birth forecasts;
  • launch regular parents surveys to assess real needs and respond to them, in consultation with our colleagues working in nurseries and kindergartens.