The right to disconnect

The right to disconnect

On January 21, the European Parliament (EP) adopted the resolution concerning recommendations to the Commission on the right to disconnect ( 2019/2181(INL) ) since, to date, there is no legislation on this subject.

With this resolution, the EP wants to protect the fundamental right of workers to disconnect and not to be available after office hours.

R&D was the first Union to demand the Right to Disconnect in order to preserve the health of the staff during this health crisis

Our communications

20/04/21e-conference: The right to disconnect, a fundamental right to protect workers’ health 
15/02/21Following the adoption of a resolution on this subject by the European Parliament, the Commission must now present a proposal for a bill on the right to disconnect
9/12/20Le Renard Déchaîné special Right to disconnect – Protecting the health of the staff implies the application of the right to disconnect in this time of health crisis!