Disability Policy

According to the Staff Survey 2016, 6.1% of colleagues have a physical, mental or sensory disability and / or have a long-term illness (more than 6 months).

In most cases, the disability or long-term illness is not visible and the colleagues who are affected by it remain rather discreet about their situation.

In order to facilitate the daily life of our colleagues, R&D requests

  • the application of UNCRPD (United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities);
  • real access to the public service for disabled candidates;
  • protection against all forms of discrimination;
  • the establishment of a disability correspondent;
  • the adaptation of workstations in collaboration with the medical service and the colleague concerned:
    • specific materials such as interactive whiteboard, software, speech synthesis;
    • adapted working hours;
  • ease of access to all premises;
  • training support;
  • access to information.