Ergonomics at work

As work overload increases, breaks become more and more limited and you spend much more time in your office.

One of your recurring concerns is to work in a modern environment with the appropriate and ergonomic equipment to work at your convenience either sitting or standing.

You also want to work in clean, comfortable offices (at room temperature and without noise) and respecting the standards.

We always intervened as soon as a case was reported to us so that you can work in the best conditions.

R&D supports you and requests:

  • the strict application of the European Directive 90/270 / EEC on the prevention of risks related to work with visual display units;
  • the study and layout of each workstation carried out by an ergonomist;
  • an adjustable furniture according to the physical characteristics of the user (armchair, worktop, footrest, etc.);
  • workspace to move easily (minimum 10m2 / person);
  • a prevention policy for musculoskeletal disorders;
  • the prevention of visual fatigue performed by the occupational physician with compulsory intervention of an ophthalmologist if necessary;
  • the use of natural light or approaching it;
  • noise prevention;
  • thermal comfort;
  • air quality;
  • optimal ventilation;
  •  the cleanliness of the premises.