Solidarity sales

Solidarity sales of Parmesan cheese and other organic cheeses from Amatrice to support earthquake victims in Italy

New solidarity sale of Parmesan cheese

As you have asked us, R&D organises a new solidarity sale of Parmesan cheeseto help the victims of the COVID 19 pandemic ( read more )

1st solidarity sale:

In May 2017, R&D organized a solidarity sale of Parmesan to help the victims of the disastrous earthquakes in central Italy and especially the shepherds, artisanal and organic producers of Pecorino, Amatrice.

Thanks to your great generosity, in a few weeks we were able to:

  • sell 4,115 kg of Parmesan cheese;
  • collect € 12,008,52 of donations.

This made it possible to provide fodder (healthy feed for farm animals) to 5 artisanal and organic farms (see balance sheet).

Unfortunately, Amatrice’s economy is undermined and shepherds are struggling to sell their products.

For this reason, they asked us again to help them and you too were numerous to claim it.

2nd solidarity sale:

In July 2018, R&D organized a new solidarity sale, this time of Parmesan, Pecorino and other organic cheeses from Amatrice in order to:

  • first, allow the shepherds to sell their cheese stocks;
  • second, help the population of Amatrice.

Your response to our call for donations exceeded all our expectations.

Thanks once again to your solidarity and generosity:

  • some cheese stocks are exhausted;
  • sales have increased, donations follow.

Faithful to our commitments, we will publish the balance sheet of this action as soon as it is finished.