Air quality is one of the Union’s concerns in regard to protecting the health and environment of citizens.

In this context, the City of Brussels has been put on notice by the Commission for non-compliance with the legislation in force. Criticism is directed especially to the failures of the control of air quality.

R&D always concerned to preserve and protect your health, challenged about this Commissioners Günther OETTINGER, in charge of Budget and Human Resources, and Karmenu VELLA, in charge of the Environment.

R&D also reminded OIB of the European Standard EN 13779, which clearly specifies the filter performance required by the system, to give a good indoor air quality, depending on the outside air.

We have requested the intervention of Commissioners OETTINGER and VELLA concerning:

  • risks to the health of citizens and staff;
  • the non-functioning of some stations in the European quarter;
  • non-compliance with the limit values;
  • the reminder of European directives and standards;
  • the alarming rate of nitrogen dioxide;
  • office air quality according to EN13779.

Progress achieved:

  • taking into account of our requests;
  • Intervention of the Commission to the Belgian Government ;
  • the Belgian Government has taken steps and as a result the Commission did not referred the matter to the courts.

R&D requests that:

  • OIB scrupulously respects the air quality standards in the offices and buildings of the Institution;
  • Commission put in place an efficient and flexible mobility policy for its staff and negotiate with the Belgian authorities measures to reduce the pollution rate in the European quarter.