POST 2004

POST 2004

R&D has always listened to post 2004 colleagues. It is impossible to deny the harmful effects of the Kinnock reform for colleagues recruited after 2004.

It is no longer time to engage in scholarly analysis, in power struggles to divide staff, in requests for technical reports, in whimsical proposals such as “reclassification based on CVs”, in naive and irresponsible approaches such as the organization of internal competitions without really anonymous tests that would only benefit Cabinet staff in their search of an easier establishment.

It is time to take the responsibility of presenting fair, realistic, accurate and operational proposals.

For R&D the career delay imposed on post-2004 colleagues cannot be compensated solely by the promotion exercise and by the limited number of cascades allowed to lower grades.

R&D requests

  • The establishment of a genuine internal competition policy with a multi-year planning and anonymous tests guaranteeing the equal treatment of candidates.

These internal competitions, open not only to AD but also to AST, AST/SC and CA colleagues, are the only credible and structural answer to the more than legitimate expectations of post-2004 and post-2014 colleagues.

Nevertheless, it is essential that these procedures are organized with the utmost rigour and with truly anonymous tests guaranteeing greater transparency of selection and equal treatment among candidates.

In this respect, R&D strongly opposes that, like the Barroso Commission, the Juncker Commission in turn uses the expectations of these colleagues and of CA colleagues to organize “internal competitions” solely for the benefit of Cabinet member.