The 2013 promotion exercise is the first exercise without transition and DGs had complete freedom in the choice of proposals for promotion. The lists have been published and our darkest fears are confirmed in some DGs. While the new promotion system is supposed to be “easy to understand and manage” according to DG HR, R&D has been informed of the incomprehension that rather reigns, especially at DG CONNECT: a large number of colleagues not proposed for promotion with good or very good merits, having reached the average seniority in their grade, are contacting us. Not to mention the strange spell that affects flagged colleagues (within 12 points of the 2011 promotion threshold) that are not promoted either …  But at the same time, the ultra-fast promotions (two years less than the average seniority) are legion!


Was the Director General of DG CONNECT the only one to make such choices? Unfortunately not … it seems that DG ENV (an exploding cauldron would have splashed Beaulieu 5?), ECHO, MOVE and CLIMA among others have applied the same recipe. You’re a good (or even very good) official? You reached the average seniority in your grade? You’re not close to the senior management? Well your promotion may have to wait a year (or more?) and the next cooking exercise, ooppss promotion exercise, in these DGs!


R&D cannot approve these practices that will penalize (and demotivate) not only the colleagues working in these DG but also the DG that apply the spirit of the new promotion system. Indeed, the formulas used to determine the quotas of promotions are such that DG with many colleagues with a high seniority in their grade will receive more quotas next year, at the expense of DG who respected the spirit of the system. R&D cannot endorse the establishment of a system where an elite (whose membership criteria remain unclear) is promoted every two years, while others with good merits must wait five years! R&D cannot agree that the Šef?ovi?’s guarantees are violated and ask DG HR to react!


R&D will follow this matter closely and will keep you informed on other drifts currently brought to our attention.