Admission to Certification from AST5 – Commission to align with other EU institutions

Since the introduction of the certification procedure to become AD official through internal selection and training, the Commission imposed a minimum seniority of 3 years in grade AST 5. Following the proposal of R&D and a demand by the Trade Union Majority (Majorité Syndicale), this extra requirement which is not covered by the relevant Staff Regulation Article 45 will soon be abolished.

The Trade Union Majority has put the improvement of career prospects for colleagues of all categories, and in particular those employed after the unfortunate 2004 Kinnock reforms to the Staff Regulation at the heart of its action.

At the same time, the Trade Union Majority insists that experienced staff must not be penalised, and that their chances and motivation to develop further their Commission career have to remain intact.
What does this mean in practice?

With the elimination of the 3 years’ extra seniority requirement in AST5 for participating in the annual selection for certification both demands will be met:

  • Assistant without career restriction as well as attested C and D grades with their enhanced merit over time continue to be protected by a 60% quota for ‘experience’ during the selection procedure; they also can apply on the grounds of higher education.
  • Attested colleagues (ex-C and ex-D) need 3 years seniority on a “B” post (assistant without career restriction)
  • Staff recruited since 2004 that gradually starts entering the AST5 category through promotion will now be able to apply on the grounds of higher education, while their experience over time will gradually increase in the years to come.

For all AST colleagues wishing to submit their application for certification, ‘merit’ as expressed in evaluation reports will remain a central selection criterion to follow the training at the European Administrative School.

R&D – Majorité Syndicale – together we deliver results