The request of staff to unions is clear: “please agree and join forces to  defend us more effectively”

Reply from R&D: colleagues, you are right!

 Stop union cacophony

You have been flooded by different types of complaints from different unions. Many of you ask what you should do, alone or with their support, confronted with the implementation of the new Staff Regulations.

Which files?


Whatever your situation, you are certainly  penalized whether by the removal / reduction of travelling time or travel allowances, either by slowing-down careers or reintroducing the special levy .


When and in which context?


Do not panic: the deadline for application is 31 March 2014. R&D will notify you by that date of the procedures to be followed and the legal actions that it will submit.


R&D is currently co-ordinating analyses and approaches and will inform you in good time on the steps to be followed.


In the attached document R&D explains the importance of a co-ordinated approach from the staff representation and unions to maximize the chances of success of the litigation.