R&D has repeatedly criticized the distribution of the possibilities for promotion in the DGs for last year’s promotion exercise (lien). Although we intervened before the proposition for promotions by the Directors General, DG HR remained inflexible and did nothing to alter this distribution that favoured / disadvantaged some DGs in some grades.

Did DG HR learn from its mistakes and corrected its magic formula for the current year ? Unfortunately no ! True to its principle of transparency, R&D has decided to share with you (see attached table) the flagrant differences between the DGs: this table will tell you if your grade, in your DG, makes one of the lucky or unlucky, since luck is ultimately the most important parameter in this promotion exercise …

The Commission cannot continue with an opaque system of promotion, restricting mobility and generating a growing dissatisfaction among colleagues and the hierarchy: R&D, with the other unions, already asked our Commissioner to launch negotiations to change this promotion system.

Given the lack of response expected from DG HR, R&D remains at your disposal for any help and additional information.