R&D has repeatedly complained about the lack of social dialogue with DG HR in recent months. Nevertheless, this has now gone even further: DG HR does not now even speak to its colleagues in the same DG! Here’s an example….


Certification exercises were traditionally launched at the end of the year, with an application period that extended after the publishing of the annual promotion decision. That allowed colleagues who were promoted to grade AST 5 during the promotion exercise in question to apply for the certification exercise that year – and thus satisfy one of the conditions of eligibility (minimum grade AST 5 on or before the closing date of the call for applications, without requirement of seniority in grade).


However, the 2014 certification exercise was launched on 30 September (see administrative information ) and to the astonishment of many colleagues and indeed R&D, the application period closes on 31 October 2014, at 11:59 p.m., just a few days before the planned publication of the administrative information on the closure of the promotion exercise! De facto, all colleagues who have been told they are proposed for promotion to grade AST 5, and who will be officially notified of their promotion around 8 November, with retroactive effect to 1 January 2014, do not seem to be eligible as, on 31 October, their promotions will have not yet been officially confirmed!


What will R&D do?


R&D advises all colleagues in this situation, to submit a complete application and indicate that they have the required grade at the time of their selection by their DG.

R&D requests DG HR to extend the application period to 15 November so that all colleagues are eligible


R&D also wishes to inform DG HR there are, in Syslog, several courses (organized by DG HR …) which are intended to improve internal communication: there are still some places available …