R&D at your side, for quality of life at work!

More than 5,000 colleagues have provided input to the design of this programme ,

R&D is committed to achieving it.


A few months ago, R&D launched an online survey in order to listen to your concerns. This allowed us to be closer to your expectations, closer to you!

A great many of you answered our call: all categories of staff from different nationalities responded to the survey and shared their needs. All the answers, all the arguments and all the comments were read and analysed in the strictest confidence.

Well before the launch of the DG HR “Staff Survey” – which only confirmed our results – we had already identified the main components of our programme.

During this survey, R&D also visited each DG and was able to make direct contact with you and hear your opinion!

Subsequently, based on the results of the survey, R&D organised a series of meetings and conferences that attracted thousands of colleagues and were led by the best European experts, on each theme you pointed out as your priorities.