As decided at the last plenary meeting of the Central Staff Committee and following the finalization with the Local Staff Committee Outside the EU, the CSC forwarded to the administration a positive opinion on the proposed statutory amendment required the implementation of the External European Action Service provided that the following issues are addressed:

In particular:

the setting up of a single Staff Committee as a section of the Commission Central Staff Committee is and has to remain an absolutely essential and central element of the proposal. Given the dual nature of the EEAS and the three sources of staff, it is paramount to guarantee a harmonious operation of these services.

R&D wants to keep in the personnel policy of the EEAS balance between the three sources of personnel – Commission, Council, national diplomats. A significant improvement of social protection of personal weakest – local officials – working outside the Union should be implemented.

R&D would like to thank all colleagues, who in collaboration with the Trade Union Majority and Section Outside the Union, participated actively in the preparation of this opinion.