On 16th February 2009, several trade unions (R&D – Alliance, TAO – Alliance, FFPE and CONF-SFE) have decided to support a joint platform “ALTERNANCE 2009-2012 and to present a COMMON AND UNITED LISTE of candidates both for the elections to the “Outside the Union” section which will take place between 9th and 18th March 2009.

On the basis of its commitment to nearly 5,000 colleagues of the Commission’s 140 delegations, and of its results, the signatory trade unions have developed a real mastery of the issues in an essential sector both for your service and for the European Commission. The aim is to maintain the unity of all the staff, not only to defend our interests but also for a vision of a strong, competent, permanent and independent public service.

With the expected ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, it is no longer time for division but for unity of all forces present and of all the staff. Disunity is the cancer of staff representation. All together, we demonstrate that it is possible to work together for a common end.

Please join us.