Succeed in EPSO tests and Competitions


R&D has kept the promises laid down in its electoral programme by carrying out concrete and successful actions over the past three years such as  preparation for  EPSO competitions and tests.


From negotiation to results


In order to meet this challenge  R&D, in co-operation with other unions,  first negotiated the future EPSO tests and competitions with the administration.  While leading this process, we obtained for you regular competition cycles, better adapted to the profiles required. What is more, we succeeded in setting up pre-selection tests in all official languages.


Through considerable efforts, as well as your suggestions, all that has become a reality today. Thereafter, anxious to best answer your needs, we accompanied you in preparing these tests.

R&D therefore placed at your disposal a new, cost-free syllabus and invited all Commission colleagues to these targeted training sessions in   FR/EN. In 2012 new course modules and trainings, adapted to each type of competition, have been launched.


We would like to emphasise that, while giving priority to our members, we have opened our training sessions to EVERYONE, including people sponsored by our members. In addition, our courses are FREE !!!


More than 3000 of you responded to our offer and a large number acknowledged the quality of our work.


Thanks to our training courses, many amongst you have succeeded the competitions and the Contractual Agent tests. We are proud to have contributed to this.


Apart from this offer, R&D has negotiated a  30% reduction for its members on the trainings of in order that everyone can make themselves familiar with the tests and above all, train on the computer. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this, we can guarantee the added value.


R&D sees further ahead


At the moment, we are preparing a future e-learning training proposal for colleagues in EU Delegations.


Moreover, in the context of the negotiation of the Reform, we have already considered the need to develop ad hoc preparation modules for internal competitions, designed to accelerate the careers both of “post 2004” official colleagues and   Contract Agents.


Our commitment is to continue to provide a service and continuously try to improve its quality to meet your expectations.


For information on our courses and to register please contact our secretariat:


For distance self-learning from April onwards you can check our site