By accepting the diktat of the member states concerning “growth’s zero” of its staff, the Commission risks not to be able to play his role such as planned in treaties. This movement questions the capacity of the whole Institutions to apply the Treaty of Lisbon and especially to convince the European citizen whom Europe is still useful. The European citizens and the European Parliament have to react.

Growth’s zero : an imposture

The analysis of figures published by Court of Auditors demonstrates clearly that the need of more Europe was translated by an increase of the budget and the staff. Between 2004 and 2008, the number of permanent posts increased by 12 % within institutions essentially to face the enlargement. In its report of 2009, the Commission specifies that “during 2000-2009 decade, all budgets included, the Commission thus remains the institution for which the increase of the authorized staff was the most low. Over the same period, staff accumulated by other institutions of the Union (Council, European Parliament, Court of justice and Court of Auditors) increased twice as fast (+47,8 %)” (1). Next to it, the agencies’ staff exploded from 84 % and their budget of 70 % over the same period.

The Parliament demands 150 posts to implement the Treaty of Lisbon. Why the Commission doesn’t ask for anything?

The adoption of the treaty of Lisbon is going to generate more work for our Members of the European Parliament who demand 150 more posts. Returned to the Commission, this request should give to the Commission 650 extra posts. The Commission asks for nothing. Why? How a RELEX family at the edge of the implosion is going assure the new tasks planned in the treaty? Thanks to the help of some hand-picked national diplomats and the stake of an additional layer of bureaucracy?

An external service with zero cost is a stillborn service.

It is obvious that a project as ambitious as the implementation of a European diplomacy cannot be made with a constant staff. Saying the contrary would only express the will to stop any European integration in this crucial domain for the future of 500 millions of European. The budgetary authority has to have the courage to explain to the European citizens that it does not believe in the European project.

The external service needs financial and human means. A budget and Civil Servant’s posts is needed. The main representative Unions will ask the Commission to have financial and human means to work in the European general interest. Unions will not give their agreement onto the modification of the status as long as they will have not these necessary insurances.

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