Elections to the Brussels Staff Committee on June 2012


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Staff Elections: R&D and U4U share a common list of candidates

In the context of vicious attacks against the foundations of Europe and its Public Service and on the basis of their convergent analyses and practices, U4U and R&D have decided to unite their forces in order to represent the staff more effectively in the Brussels Staff Committee.

The elections will be held on 12 June and their results will determine our capacity for action and our real strength in the negotiations to come. We shall actually need to mobilise all the staff and defend Europe, our Institutions and all their staff. We have to act swiftly and cannot afford to waste any time. The timetable for the reform of the Staff Regulations is very tight and it is likely that in June, after the first reading at the Parliament, the Council will open the hostilities and block the Reform. Indeed many Member States maintain their anti-European stance and continue their attacks against the public service in their own country but also at the European level.

The Commission wants to open negotiations on career development. The Trade-Unions must therefore be ready to suggest improvements on issues like the attractiveness of the European Public Service, working conditions, career development and valorisation of competences. They must also defend staff unity and the sense of a working community which is specific to the European institutions.

In front all of these uncertainties, the main risk is the division of our forces. An effective action for the staff must rest on our unity and on shared analyses and visions. We have already experienced such a Trade-Union unity over the last years, either through our action under the “Union Majority” or our cooperation with all the Trade-Unions under the “Common Front“. We need to continue with this approach which is all the more necessary in a more negative environment.

Because our values and priorities can convince other colleagues and Unions, we want to assemble the Union forces around shared visions of Europe, citizenship, proximity and unity.

We trust the staff will support this action in favour of unity.