Information meeting on May 8th at 13.00, 80 Rue de la Loi, Room CSC


Transfer of pension rights currently poses many problems which penalize colleagues who submitted their transfer request for transfer between 2009 and 2011.


U4U and R&D

plan to inform you about this issue, what has been done and what remains to be done during this meeting.



U4U andR&D

invite you 8th of Mai at 13.oo 80 Rue de la Loi, Room CSC



R&D has made a model claims form available to those involved and supported the introduction of a first appeal to

the Public Service Court of the European Union.


R&D‘s lawyer and U4U and R&D experts on this issue will be available of the information meeting to answer your questions.



More information:


The Staff Regulation of the officials (Articles 11 and 12 of Annex VII) provides for the possibility to transfer pension rights before the entry into service to the Community pension scheme as well as reserve transfers to the pension fund at the time of leaving the public service.

For these transfers, institutions should adopt general implementing provisions for Articles 11 and 12 of the Staff

Regulation. The Commission submitted a first draft of these provisions, then withdrew it and subsequently pushed through a new proposal (

Administrative information 23/03/2011). These provisions envisage that retroactive application has to be taken into consideration to calculate the value of pension rights transferable (at 01.01.2009) which severely penalises (about 30%) the value of the transfers (ie transfers of rights to Commission).

The European Parliament, to the contrary, adopted the provisions which are not retroactively applied.

Finally, more than 10.000 colleagues have not yet received the reply of PMO to their transfer requests, because PMO has considerable delays in this area. The representative of R&D has drawn the attention of the board of the PMO to this unacceptable delay which penalises many colleagues.