Following a leaflet circulated last week on the transfer of pension rights, many members expressed concern.

This is why some clarification is needed.

Who might be concerned?

– Those who have retired or transferred from or community to fund pension rights after 2004.

What could be the problem:

– As a result of miscalculation, some services/calculations
could have been calculated incorrectly.
Any adjustment would decrease the pension rights or decrease the offer of transfer of rights.

Is this problem relevant?

Not quite, because at first the PMO announced on 30 July 2010 the new General Implementing Provisions (DGE) after an inter-service consultation and a review by the Staff Regulations Committee which took place in May/June this year.
Other Agencies and Institutions should adopt similar general implementing provision of the Commission, after consideration of the Committee of the Statute.

This means that several months will elapse before the problem may arise if the Commission changes its mind and believes it can apply the new rules without a DGE and therefore apply retroactively upwards or downwards based on calculations of the speed of response of national pension agencies.

R & D and all unions are united on this issue, and have been called by the administration for a social dialogue meeting on the issue this Friday, September 17.
We will keep you informed of developments which concern a large number of younger colleagues, especially if the Commission insists in its desire to effect a complete about-turn on commitments to staff.