R&D Helpdesk Evaluation Promotion Information Meetings on 5 and 6 May

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As every year, R&D has set up a Helpdesk and organised Information Meetings to guide colleagues through the various phases of the evaluation and promotion exercise.

As from 12 of May you will receive your CDR, completed with points and performance level. If you are unhappy with the outcome or have the impression of having been treated unfairly you have 15 working days to introduce an appeal.

  • In 2010, there are quite few ‘simplifications’ to the appeals procedure compared to last year. This concerns primarily the work of the joint committees that would deal with appeals, and the deadlines for appeals’ introduction, rather than the substance of the appeal itself which remains similar to last years. Please note:
  • In 2009, 4.000 appeals were launched, in particular on the basis of the assistance provided by the R&D Helpdesk. Roughly 20% of these appeals were treated favorably in the Joint Committees and Working Groups thanks to the defense team of your staff reps. So it might be worth for you to consider your options.

Last year’s promises were not fulfilled? 4/5 points attributed, where you need 6 for a normal career? Put in performance level III?

Need more information?

R&D information meetings on 2010 CDR and new appeals’ procedure

5 May 2010 13.00 – 14.30 pm LOI 80 CCP meeting room
6 May 2010 13.00 – 14.30 pm LOI 80 CCP meeting room

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