Having received a certain number of questions in this respect, R&D confirms that your reporting officer is called to inform you about the level of performance (IA, IB, II, III)  in which she/he proposes to rank you in this year’s CDR.

Following an intervention by staff representatives with DG Human Resources, such an indication has been formally requested by DG HR to all Directors General at the start of the exercise in January.

Please note that at this stage this information can only be indicative, and may still be modified when the promotion points will be formally communicated to you.

Many DGs respect that recommendation. However, from your feedback we notice that it is apparently not always and everywhere the case.

If your dialogue has already taken place, you may request a second brief meeting with your reporting officer in order to complete the dialogue with this element, namely the indication of the envisaged performance level.

By contrast, the number of promotion points within each performance level (3 different numbers) cannot yet be communicated to you at this stage since several more steps have to be concluded before, not least the consultation of the Joint Evaluation and Promotion Committees on statistics per DG.

You can find more details about this hyper read tape CDR procedure in Administrative Info 3-2010 of 15 January 2010, see https://intracomm.ec.europa.eu/guide/publications/infoadm/2010/ia10003_en.html

If you meet with any kind of problems, do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk REC/CDR: /fr/nos-services/help-desk-rec-2010/