Different articles which have appeared in various Member States, and more particularly the article which appeared on 5 March 2010 in the Belgian magazine “Le Vif – Express”, continue to cite the salaries, pensions and employment benefits enjoyed by “Eurocrats”!
They contain a series of errors, confusing the retirement benefits of Commissioners and of the most senior Civil Servants with those given to the majority of officials, and give the impression that officials pay no contributions for their retirement, the financing of pensions being paid wholly by European taxpayers.

R&D immediately contacted President Barroso’s office to request that the
Commission defend its staff from unjustified attacks coming from the Press.

R&D asked President Barroso that staff be informed of the concrete steps
undertaken by the Spokesperson service and DG Communication, in order to reestablish
the truth and the image of the European Civil Service in public opinion.

Colleagues often experience a certain amount of bitterness about their expatriation to Brussels, in respect of the sometimes unjust criticisms to which they are subjected by the media, reinforced by the lack of defence on the part of the Institution.
Rights and obligations are resented as privileges by a proportion of the population of Europe. Their higher remuneration classifies them as among the well-off and the privileged, whereas more and more officials have a salary less than €1800 per month.
To this aspect is added a series of ideas, overrated but which have a life of their own, on their privileges and immunities.

R&D, the main staff union at the Commission, believes that the DG Communication and the Spokesperson service should accept their responsibilities by replying directly in the face of these attacks, and particularly to those in the Belgian press.

We reiterate our demand to the Commission!!