e-conference : The cycle of 4 Fit@Yourdesk sessions

« Create your Comfort Yourself »

with Lennard Allen Louisy – Work Performance Facilitator

Cultivate greater connection with our body
Become aware and bring into balance our “energy well-springs”
Build a deeper understanding of our resourcefulness in overcoming stress
Compile a personal kit of “Hacks” that build energy and trigger positive outlook

“Holding a space that elevates engagement, inspiration and harmony at work”Lennard’s ability is founded in his 20-year international career as professional classical ballet and contemporary dancer.
He was exposed to environments of high expectation that called for abilities to adapt, grow and collaborate while delivering results with purpose and integrity.
Though successful, he struggled with physical injury and psychological stress.
Through these challenges he developed a passion for bouncing back and building long­term motivation to succeed. As a work performance facilitator, he has given interactive talks and trainings for government structures and multinational corporations such as: The European Institutions, Deloitte Belgium, Eurocontrol, etc.
Whether working one-on-one, in group trainings and team events or with management, Lennard engages employees with story, emotion, his physicality and his unique Socratic style. He challenges his audiences to raise their standards ant to build solid progress in their lives and in their work.

For more information: https://be.linkedin.com/in/lennardlouisy ; https://lennardlouisy.com

Create Your Comfort Yourself, is a highly interactive learn-by-doing online programme. It focuses on simple principals and practi­cal “hacks” (tips & tricks) that relieve physical stress, support emotional balance, improve one’s mindset and self-confidence. This 4 part series of sessions is inspired by the “Energy Wellspring” model (T. Schwartz and C. Mc Carthy) where we discover our ability to bounce-back from challenging situations using our personal resources.

1st session- How to be fit at your desk? Physical aspect

2nd session – How well I am concentrating/focused on?

3rd session – My social connection and empathy

4th session – My Drive