e-conference : “Psychosocial Risks and Quality of Life at Work,

what are we talking about ?”

With Marie Pezé,
Doctor of Psychology, psychoanalyst, former judicial expert, head of the “Suffering and Work” consultation network

« The best weapon against Workplace Suffering is education » 

To speak of PSR, stress and QWL is a more neutral, a more pasteurised vocabulary than the notion of health at work, which is nevertheless enshrined in law, or the concept of suffering at work, which we prefer to attribute to the fragility of the employee.  Let’s look at their history and definition ”  Marie Pezé

The health crisis has caused major changes, disrupting our private and professional lives and generating major psychosocial risk factors.
In order to face these situations with full knowledge of the facts, R&D has called on Marie Pezé, a recognised expert in this field, to help us anticipate all the issues at stake and thus defend you as we should! 

* CNAM: National Conservatory in Arts and Crafts