e-conference : “Hot-desking and Open Space

Which workspaces at the European Commission ?”

with Danièle Linhart,

Labour sociologist, Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS*,

member of the GTM-CRESPPA* laboratory, UMR-CNRS-Universities of Paris 8 and Paris 10

« ‘Flex desk’ and ‘clean desk’ are anxiety-provoking for employees » 


Human must be at the centre of the Commission’s concerns!

The Commission’s new buildings policy based on modernisation, greening and digitalisation must, above all, prioritise the well-being of its staff without reducing it to an indecent barter between teleworking and hot-desking in the ab­sence of any social dialogue and genuine consultation of staff.
Yet this seems to be the grim picture that is being adopted for all staff without regard to their physical and/or mental health. Nearly 2.500 colleagues were informed by email and/or videoconference of their moves to hot-desking, in the midst of a pandemic, without prior consultation or full information on their fate. . The reduction of the Commission’s carbon footprint must also be measured by taking into account all aspects, inclu­ding digital pollution. R&D has repeatedly asked Commissioner Hahn to open real negotiations on all aspects of the dossier.