e-conference: The right to disconnect 

A fundamental right to protect workers’ health 

In order to prepare the future negotiations on teleworking and the right to disconnect, R&D has organised an e-conference , The right to disconnectA fundamental right to protect workers’ health with Alex Agius Saliba MEP and rapporteur of the decision concerning recommendations to the Commission on the right to disconnect on Tuesday April 20 2021.

On January 21, the European Parliament (EP) adopted the resolution concerning recommendations to the Commission on the right to disconnect ( 2019/2181(INL) ) since, to date, there is no legislation on this subject.

With this resolution, the EP wants to protect the fundamental right of workers to disconnect and not to be available after office hours.

R&D was the first Union to demand the Right to Disconnect in order to preserve the health of the staff during this health crisis (see: our actionsLe Renard Déchaîné ). We are receiving more and more complaints from colleagues who find themselves overworked by their service, no longer being able to preserve their privacy and finding themselves on the verge of professional burnout and / or plagued by health issues such as musculoskeletal problems.

The right to disconnect:

a fundamental right also for the European Commission!

“We are in a situation where legislation was drafted at a time when digitalisation was not as significant in our lives… The culture of being “always on” and the growing expectation that workers should be reachable at any time can negatively affect work-life balance, physical and mental health, and well -being.” Alex Agius Saliba