e-conference : “Pathogenic management,

what are we talking about?”

With Marie Pezé, Doctor of Psychology,

psychoanalyst, former legal expert,Head of the “Suffering and Work” consultation network

« Our management style is aggressive for the psyche and the body» Marie Pezé

What is Pathogenic management ?

In France, the jurist relates pathogenic management techniques to the violation of a rule of law:

– The misuse of the subordination link: incivilities of a vexatious nature, refusal to engage in dialogue, insidious or insulting remarks, hurtful words, denigration and the desire to ridicule, mockery.

– Misuse of disciplinary rules: unjustified sanctions based on non-existent or venial facts or trivial facts; undermining of grade and step advancement, requests for professional training; abusive evaluation and grading.

– Misuse of managerial power: isolating, not giving work, setting unachievable objectives, assigning work objectives, assi­gning unnecessary work, arbitrarily changing assignments.

– Misuse of organisational power: arbitrarily changing working conditions or the essential duties of the job.

The manager has a very important function in the motivation and psychological health of the staff.  According to the results of the last 4 Staff Surveys, there is a slight positive evolution in the appreciation of the staff towards their Middle Management, however R&D receives feedback from colleagues who complain about unhealthy tech­niques of the small boss.