e-conference : “PARENTAL BURNOUT”

Educational psychologist, Doctor in Education Sciences, Lecturer at the University of Mons and Head of the Educational Resource Centre for Social Action (CREAS)

Being a parent means being under constant pressure, providing an education, ensuring a future, being responsible for everything that might happen to your child(ren). You then become hyper-responsible and will often exhibit a set of symptoms referred to as hyper-parenting. With the health crisis, this has only accentuated your emotional fatigue, your mental load and you find yourself at the border of PARENTAL BURNOUT, if you haven’t already crossed it!
Doing everything for your child is also suffocating for him/her… Bruno Humbeeck will develop different paths that will allow you to relieve your­self and support the development of your child(ren)

« Successful parenting is most often a tasty cocktail of just the right amount of caring, a dash of emotional sensitivity and a huge dose of serenity… » Bruno Humbeeck