e-conference: “New Ways of Working”

Origins, legitimation and challenges

A new organisation of work that is not new at all!

A few months ago, DG HR, proud of its work, presented the OSPs with a project to “modernise” Human Resources ma­nagement under the 3B structure: “Bricks”, “Bytes” and “Behaviours”.

Presenting this as a completely innovative approach … On the contrary, it turns out that this new organisation of work is by no means “new” since it has already been established for nearly ten years, particularly in various private firms, con­fronted with major changes and constraints such as space-time recompositions, digitalisation and costs… (See. Renard Déchaîné Teleworking & Hotdesking)

In order to face these changes with full knowledge of the facts, R&D has called on Grégory JEMINE, an expert specia­lised in this process of change “New Way of Working”, who will be able to share his experience with us and help us an­ticipate all the issues at stake and thus defend you as it should!

A new HR strategy, new “green” and “paperless” work spaces…
Already tested elsewhere…
R&D calls on the Commission to larn from the past, and not make the same mistakes !

“Although ‘New Ways of Working’ projects are very popular in the private sector as well as in public organisations, their de­sign and implementation is far from simple, since they imply a simultaneous rethinking of work spaces, the cultural and ma­nagerial fundamentals of the company, technological equip­ment, and the organisation of work”. Grégory Jemine