“Junior Programme”


“Aka buddies first”

R&D does not limit itself to denouncing the indecent nature of this program

 As promised , R&D puts at your disposal a MODEL OF COMPLAINT

as well as the assistance of its legal service in order to challenge

the discriminatory nature of this programme from a legal point of view


We thank all colleagues who have massively shown their support for our actions after the release of our flyers!

We thank all colleagues who have massively signed the petition initiated by our AFI TAO allies, members of the Alliance, asking, among other things, that this scandalous procedure is cancelled!

We also thank all colleagues in the DGs who reported all their difficulties in that, faced with the disappointment and complaints of their staff, they were asked to assist their DGs in the evaluation of applications on the basis of absolutely vague criteria within the framework of a procedure offering no guarantee for transparency and fairness!

It is now clear to everyone … except naturally for DG HR, that the Junior Programme represents the triumph of the principle “Buddies first”, “le fait du prince”, or princess, which the DG HR strives to reintroduce as a founding principle of its action.


R&D shares the anger of the staff !


Indeed, how not to understand the indignation of:

  • our non-eligible CA colleagues or those working for executive agencies or still those whose application has just been rejected, to whom the DG HR services constantly remind the limits imposed by the Staff Regulations on internal competitions open to the CA  … namely the same limits which will not be applicable to the “lucky ones” of the junior programme – thanks to the creativity of the same DG HR services – due to the granting of TA contracts on the eve of the organization of the internal competition aimed at making them permanent?
  • our TA colleagues and trainees who are ineligible, who work or have chosen an executive agency, or whose application has been rejected?
  • our fellow civil servants who have very often a very remarkable training and professional experience, who have passed very selective general competitions, not even comparable with the masquerade of selection organized within the framework of this programme, and who:
  • as an AST/SC, are deprived of any real prospect of career development and even less of a chance to become AD;
  • as AST/SC, are eligible for the certification procedure allowing them access to the AD category only after long years of service, after a severe selection and a range of exams … while the same possibility is now offered so graciously to young trainees after a few weeks of permanence in our institution;
  • as AD have never benefited of and / or are not currently eligible for such a training and integration programme, that our institution should offer to any new recruit.


Instructions for lodging the complaint

Who can lodge a complaint?

As this procedure is intended to provide an opportunity for employment as TA for 2 years and for receiving training, any trainee, official or other member of staff, regardless of grade or function group, may produce evidence of personal grievance.

Must the claimant have previously submitted an application?

No. It is not necessary to have tried / applied as the discriminatory nature of the call for expression of interest itself is disputed.

How to submit a complaint ?

For this purpose, you must:

  • complete the enclosed complaint template with your personal data and sign it;
  • send the signed complaint using the form attached to DG HR HR MAIL E2 no later than 8 September 2018, i.e. three months from the publication of the CEI notice;
  • if you wish, send us a copy of the lodged complaint so that we can do follow up.

With our lawyers, we remain at your disposal for any further clarification and assistance that you may wish to obtain and for ensuring the continuation of the procedure.


We can’t blindly pretend that everything is just fine: let us end this scandalous procedure!

During his meeting with the unions held yesterday, Tuesday 10 July, Commissioner Oettinger did not accept, at this stage, the unanimous proposal from the unions to freeze the Junior Programme but he undertook to meet the unions in September to draw up an initial assessment and adopt, as appropriate, the necessary measures.

While appreciating this proposal for a dialogue, we regret that the Commissioner has refused to stop this real masquerade.

Indeed, it is enough to note the all critical reactions of colleagues starting with those published on the intranet site announcing the launch of this programme, the great success of the petition of our TAO allies that R&D supported with conviction asking that this programme be stopped, the unanimous opposition of the staff representation, the discontent on the part of the services and now of the press …

In these circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult for the DG HR to continue to deny any problem, to claim that all critics are malicious and unfounded … and to finish again and again with the invitation to joyfully join their chorus which, sadly, only knows how to play a single song: “All is well Madame la Marquise, everything is fine I tell you everything is just fine” … this while everything is far from going very well!