“Junior Programme” aka “buddies first”!


We would like to thank all colleagues

who massively demonstrated their support after the distribution of our leaflets!



The dozens of comments, ALL disapproving, posted on the intranet page presenting this programme, demonstrate the extent of rejection caused by this pilot programme.

We also share your disappointment, even disgust, after the briefing organized on 14 June by DG HR. This awkward marketing session is a vain and pain­ful attempt to defend this obviously indefensible programme. It has merely been a question of constantly repeating the same arguments which, at times, reach a grotesque level.


Your question: and now, what can we do?

R&D’s answer:

1) Massively sign the petition initiated by our Alliance TAO AFI fellow member’s allies

You could thus express your opposition to this programme and reinforce our request to Commissioner OETTINGER for a major overhaul of the “Junior professionals programme”.

2) In any case, submit your application before the deadline of 19 June 2018 – Midday ( link )

In case of rejection, R&D will provide you with templates for making a complaint to be able to contest the discriminatory nature of this programme

As you can see, it is not just about denouncing an unfair and discriminating pilot programme: we will not remain without acting.