Career and 2018 Staff Survey:

The results show R&D was right



“Only 36% of staff are satisfied with the relationship between their performance at work and their career progression”

This finding is not the result of a survey done by R&D, but an affirmation from DG HR, which adds that the professional future of our colleagues is the theme that collects the lowest scores in the 2018 Staff Survey!

This is not a surprise for R&D: year after year, we highlight the random distribution of promotions across DGs and grades. Year af­ter year, DG HR is stubborn in its calculations that make more and more tenuous the link between the merits and the promotion …

We have recently informed you of our forecasts for the distribution of quotas for the 2019 promotion exercise (link) and the differences that can be observed by grade and Directorate-General. However inequalities (errors?) do not stop there ….

While the Staff Regulations mention that “(promotion) rates shall be applied on a five-year average basis”, DG HR calculates these rates on an annual basis! The result? A yo-yo according to the exercises: promotions are largely in surplus or in deficit, and your chances of promotion will vary in a similar way.



Differences between the quotas allocated to Directorates-General and officials who have

reached or exceeded the average permanence in their grade


DG HR does not see this as a problem, as opposed to 64% of our colleagues who do not understand where is the link between their perfor­mance and the progression of their career …

“There’s nothing worse than an ignorant that does not recognize anything for real except what pleases him.” 1


R&D does not resignedly accept that the promotion exercise continues to be a lottery!

Our commitment remains to do everything possible to ensure that this promotions lottery ends and returns to a credible, fair and transparent exercise.

R&D is now setting up its helpdesk to offer you individual help where you can, as every year, send your request for assistance (email:,  tel: 55676).

1 Terence