We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to reply before the close of business on 25 May 2016


Dear colleagues,

We had already drawn your attention in our leaflet of 21st April, to certain excesses in the establishment of “Open Space” offices for the staff of PMO as a whole.

In particular, we denounced from the outset the grotesque (even  burlesque) presentation made by the OIBP (“Office Initiateur Bureaux Paysagers”) representative during his participation in the meeting with PMO col­leagues, in order to “sell” a pre-determined solution.

Once again,  R&D condemns the confusion which the OIBP and DGs are attempting to sow by pretending that they don’t understand the essential difference between a real prior consultation of staff, imposed by the existing rules in the event of setting up open space offices, from the fait accompli by means of a simple ex-post information. The latter is intended solely to sugar the pill of decisions already adopted without the slightest consultation with staff or their representatives.

R&D always tries to represent colleagues’ opinions as accurately as possible. and to that end, we  have pre­pared a detailed opinion poll to allow you to express your point of view on the setting up of open space of­fices in the PMO.

Your participation in the survey is essential so that we can defend your rights and interests to your hierarchy.

As your work meets certain confidentiality rules and contains some certain special characteristics related to your business area, you are the only people who can provide the necessary elements to help us  to help you as much as possible!

We ask that you take the time to answer this survey and we’ll do the rest!

NB: R&D will also launch a more thorough survey on the same subject very soon to all colleagues in the Commission. This survey will address more general issues. Feel free to answer also.


For Renouveau & Démocratie,

Cristiano Sebastiani,



Protection of personal data in this survey

The response to this survey is voluntary and collected anonymously. No link will be established between these answers and any information that could possibly allow the identification of their origin.