R&D would like to thank our colleagues from the printing services of OIB for the hard work provided for the staff elections last summer. We could rely on their professionalism and full commitment for the distribution of our program and messages through posters and publications. The printing services also contributed to the success of our publication “How to Prepare for and Succeed in European Union Tests and Selection procedures”.

We could rely on the expertise of colleagues working in the Commission. Indeed, after having repeatedly denounced the negative consequences of outsourcing, logically, we did not want to entrust our campaign to external consultants.

Why use money from our members to pay outside firms when we have inside the institution colleagues with the skills and tools needed, furthermore at favorable financial conditions?

Nevertheless we do not understand why some DGs within the Commission prefer to pay lucrative contracts out­side rather than using internal resources, as it is the case for the newsletter of DG HR “Commission en Direct”…

This unfortunately contributes to “a break within” the European civil service, which R&D refuses.