Join us to discover it on Monday 2nd February at 1:00 pm

Rue de la Loi 80 – ground floor

We are pleased to announce that the new R&D guide “How to prepare for and succeed in the European Union competitions and selections” is now available.

This new publication is a 240 page genuine teaching manual – now available in French and English, but which might be translated into all the official EU languages – to guide and support the candidates at every stage of the competition and selection procedures, in line with the new EPSO procedures.

It is a new fully reviewed version: the previous edition was successful, beyond our ex-pectations, showing us your sources of concern.

That is why R&D is at your side to help you in your career.

In addition to information about the skills required to participate in selections and competitions, the new guide includes original and unpublished exercises and examples.

This guide is free to all our members and future members, and will be presented at this occasion.

For logistical reasons, we kindly ask you to confirm your participation by sending an e-mail.

What is the price of the new guide ? € 0 !

This extraordinary effort, also from a financial point of view, fits into R&Ds policy of giving priority to training.

Indeed, historically, R&D has always fought for recruitment procedures within the European institutions that are transparent, objective and ensure equal treatment and access to all candidates.

That’s how, from its very inception in 1992, R&D offers colleagues a preparation to the selection tests and provides them with a syllabus, including practical exercises. Thousands of colleagues were able to train for and eventually join the European civil services.

However, R&D did never want to make from this activity a source of income and refuses to make a business and profit from a lucrative market for so many external companies.

Solidarity is at the heart of R&D values; available courses and materials guarantee a quality training, always FREE, with priority for our members, ensuring the highest quality and covering all test types and levels.

A very big “thank you” to OIB services

For R&D, priority should always be given to internal services of the institution: who else than our colleagues from the OIB printshops, could better guide us in designing and printing this guide so we can put at your disposal a high quality technical document!

We thank them for their exemplary availability, the quality of their collaboration and their professionalism: they deserve all our gratitude!

R&D at your disposal: tel. : 55676 ; email: REP PERS OSP R&D