The deadline for submitting applications is extended to November 18!

By its message of October 8, R&D denounced the disorder in the organization of the certification process and the significant lack of coordination on the part of DG HR (2014 certification exercise: does DG HR still talk to… DG HR?).


Indeed, the application period was set at 11:59 p.m. October 31, 2014, i.e. just a few days before the publication of promotions and excluding colleagues who will be officially promoted to grade AST5 around November 8, with retroactive effect to January 1, 2014.


R&D immediately requested DG HR to extend the application period so that all these colleagues could be eligible.


R&D is pleased that his request – which was also that of DGs – has been accepted and the deadline for submitting applications for the certification exercise was postponed to 18 November at 11:59 p. m., i. e. after the publication of promotions for 2014 exercise.