Parental Alienation

Tuesday 4 June from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm

Bruno Humbeeck

Mum and Dad don’t get along at all anymore. But when it comes to Polo, they really listen to each other! And when Polo talks about his feelings, Mum and Dad silence for good. Together they ask themselves all the right questions:

How can we say goodbye without our little bunny getting too scared?
How can we say goodbye without making Polo too sad?
How can they go their separate ways without making Polo too angry?

An extract from « Polo le Lapin », a book by Bruno Humbeeck that raises awareness of the phenomenon of parental alienation and the solutions that can be found.

 Parental Alienation…

Parental alienation, when it affects a child’s upbringing in the family, can sow the seeds of madness,  which in children or adolescents can take the form of anxiety disorders, attachment disorders or more or less somatoform depressive states.

In this lecture, Bruno Humbeeck will outline the main characteristics of this process of parental alienation. He will also discuss the form it takes when it is the result of a self-inflicted thought process in which the child interprets reality as he or she sees it (parental self-alienation).

Bruno will then highlight the main consequences that this disruption of the bond has for the child or adolescent. Finally, Bruno will show how it can be avoided by adopting the right parental attitudes and how, once it has occured, adults must help the child to escape without feeling guilty.