Telling your story to help you grow…

Children, teenagers, adults

Monday 8 April from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm

What is storytelling? How does it unfold? 

Defining the ” self “. How is it made up?

How can we help our children tell their stories?

What is self-narration? What is its purpose?

How can it be fostered in children and teenagers? 

How can it be used to stand up for our identity and become a vector of resilience?

« Talking about oneself enables self-existence inside the world »

No one can exist apart from the story they tell about themselves. This underlines the importance of self-narration in one’s development.

How can we stimulate this ability in children?

How is it developed in the teenager?

How is it maintained when memory wipes out everything?

How does it help rebuild oneself when everything falls apart?

By answering these essential questions at this conference, we will make the ability to tell stories a keystone in the construction of identity, as well as an essential resource when it comes to demonstrating resilience beyond the clatter.

Don’t hesitate to join us!

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